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Desertmoon Arts Graphic and Design . . . . . . . . . Where the Difference is the Art!


As a team, we specialize in magazines, real estate quarterlies, catalogs, advertisers, brochures, booklets, and books.

Graphic Design

The root of all our work, we have experience with and use the leading software titles, the best equipment and use contemporary standards.

Website Development

Creative graphic design is merged into all of our web projects. We use Adobe Dreamweaver, BBEdit, HTML5/CSS3 to develop the sites.


Audio and visual components for projects has become important. We have access to a wide range of software and equipment.

Our Work

We have three separate ways of producing our work:

• Desertmoon Arts

• Desertmoon Pictorial

• Hamilton Design

Desertmoon Arts
Graphics, design, web and multimedia projects
Desertmoon Pictorial
Claudia's Morongo Basin Real Estate monthly magazine and various other publications
Hamilton Design
Art and architectural projects. Those projects include painting, murals, sculpture and architectural elements.